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Going back to school could be exciting for a few, but it is very stressful for most students. Who wants to give up the amazing stress-free days of summer to go back to a structured academic activity? However, despite the grade, these Top 10 Back to School Tips can make this transition a lot easier.

Here are our top Top 10 Back to School Tips

1. Tour the building

Being the new kid on the kid on the block can be tough for many students. Espcially, if a child is joining a new school. Consequently, the one thing that could really boost the confidence is the knowledge of the surroundings. We have all been there; it just feels weird and uncomfortable when you can’t find your way in a place. Therefore, you should take the time to tour the building while taking note of all the important locations. Knowing the way to the cafeteria, library, main office, counselor’s office and school nurse can also go a long way.

2. Plan for lunch

Eating lunch alone is just awful and can badly hurt a student’s self-esteem. It is thus important that your child makes plans with a school friend. As a result, you should encourage your child to practice asking a new classmate if they’d like to sit together at lunch.

3. Meet the teachers

Have you ever intentionally tried developing a personal connection with your child’s teachers? If you haven’t, you really should. It is a well-known fact that the teacher’s beliefs and feelings about a student highly affect the student’s performance. Consequently, you need to attend school events like the back to school night if the school hosts any.

4. Find a routine

This is perhaps the most important of these Top 10 Back to School Tips. Practicing a structured schedule prior could go a long way. A student’s mind and body will need time to adjust to the school routine. Therefore, practicing wake up times and morning routines a few weeks before school starts can be very helpful. As a result, a parent will get the time to troubleshoot work schedules, rides, and lunch plans.

5. Setting Priorities

School gives your child much more responsibility. There is a lot to tend to including friends, sports practice, screentime, classes, and homework. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child understands the order of things and has the priorities straight.

6. Prioritize sleep

Sleep affects the ability to concentrate. It is common for teens to suffer from sleep deprivation, something that results in learning difficulty and bad grades. This is because most adolescents lack the will to turn off the TV and put away the phone. Therefore, a parent should closely monitor the child’s sleep routine at this age.

7. Smartphone-free times

It has been proven that smartphones negatively impact learning in the classroom. Consequently, you should be very strict about the child’s use of the smartphone since overuse hinders both the learning process, physical and social interactions.

8. Teach a growth mindset

Students should understand how the learning process works. They should know that failing is just a part of the learning process. Let a child know earlier on that the improvement is always possible. Never let them feel like they are good or bad at things.

9. Praise effort

Don’t praise the child. Praise the effort the child makes. Regardless of whether your child is a math genius or sports prodigy, too much recognition of what is at the time, rather than what can be with more effort, impedes growth. Hammer praise on practice, resilience, persistence and the like.

10. Teach self-dependence

Resist the urge of always being the one to solve your child’s problems. Let the children think creatively about how to face various problems on their own since you won’t always be around.

Using these Top 10 Back to School Tips will give your child an edge regardless of whether there is a transition to a new school or not. For any insurance questions, call or contact Dickinson Insurance today.

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