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A quality manager is part of the difference between the success and failure of an organization. Consequently, it takes careful consideration when selecting the right person for the job. A manager who is able to get the most out of the resources at hand efficiently is what every organization needs. A successful manager should have most of these 7 traits:

  1. Good communication skills: Being able to communicate with fellow employees helps operations run smoothly in an organization. This, in turn, increases the overall performance of an organization as a whole.
  2. Effective: A successful manager is always effective, from the decisions he or she makes; to the way he or she performs the required responsibilities. Effectiveness can also be characterized by proper time management. The manager ensures that all activities will be accomplished within the desired time frame.
  3. Calm: A successful manager is always calm no matter how big problems get. Maintaining a cool head when things are tough requires confidence and a lot of experience in some cases. Keeping a calm head ensures that the decisions made are truly what’s best for the team rather than emotional outbursts.
  4. Flexibility: A flexible manager can take an organization through the roughest of times. They have a tendency of adapting to changes, whether internal or external. A manager’s flexibility provides additional stability to the organization they work for helping increase business success.
  5. Accountability: Any successful manager knows what he or she is required to do within an organization. This will guarantee success at any level. Managers have many responsibilities but here are a few.
    • Control
    • Planning
    • Coordination
    • Organization
  6. Leadership style: Different types of organizations require different types of leadership styles. A successful manager knows how to read the nature of an organization, and what leadership techniques to use so as to tackle different issues within an organization.
  7. Devoted: The final and most common trait in any successful manager is to have the utmost devotion to their work. A devoted manger is focused on performing their managerial duties to the best of their ability. Devotion ensures the success of a manager and the organization as a whole.

Although it is hard to find someone who possesses all these 7 traits for a successful a manager, the final trait is very important. As long as a manager has devotion to his or her work, success will follow them where ever they go.

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